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Had me at the edge of my seat. The slendergus was the scariest thing I have even seen frfr. sus/10

why does no one play this :(


the game looks cringe

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Said the person with the name "amogus3421".

please update

best game ever.

bruh why slendergus looks like a meme for a horror game after it was amogus


an iphone version would be cool

My friend said this game had a High Risk file. Is there a virus in this game?


Why all caps...

I like caps.

I like caps.

I like caps.

No virus, pure gameplay

theres no viruses, and if you scan the file on virustotal, it may say its a malicious file but its only because the online multiplayer server scripts in the games files is unknown and unidentiftied, therefore, the file will be registered as malicious when really it isn't, this is a great example of something called "False Positives"

This is peak gameing

I shat out of my eyes, I cried out my mouth, and I puked out of my ears. This game is truly the scariest game of all time

10/10 this game hurt me physically

Deleted post

what do the 8 pages look like in slendergus?

like any page you write on


sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus amogus





more maps and a fnaf like gamemode where you need to survive 6 minutes in one of the rooms on three maps

this is very amogus bobbyy sus imposterer

Enjoy! <3 3rd game.

this was both amazing and freaking weird


my childhood had been ruined and I need 69 gallons of some damn eye bleach



update please and make skins or something its been a long time since i heard of this game

Join the discord.


Finally, Amongus 2

is it safe?

yes! very fun as well :)

Based game

I cannot play multiplayer with 2 people including me, why is that, we both press r and it doesnt do anything


A very cool crossover game. Good job dev. A solid effort. 


holy shit this is so well done, the multiplayer works really good too!

I also love the 3D models, they are so well done!


Ok, TBH I was expecting this to suk, but it is equally scary and funny. love this game


Kinda sus ngl...


Had fun playing this cool crossover, however a bit disappointed the multiplayer was not working. Will be very interested if you get that working again!

It should work nowadays


Really scary and it's amazing how SUS is the slendergus! Solid 8/10


ong sus

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Great game, I got scared when I saw the sussy slendergus.

Fun to play with friends 8.5/10

slenderman and among us? boy this game sure will give some early 2020 vibes!

great game 8/10, can't wait for more maps

I thought we were being chased by the impostor but I was the sus one all along

is this scary?

yep it is

His head is more terrible than he is pastoral valley is like

why this game is sooo good?

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