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my childhood had been ruined and I need 69 gallons of some damn eye bleach


update please and make skins or something its been a long time since i heard of this game


Finally, Amongus 2

is it safe?

Based game

i wish to play but i  have linux

I cannot play multiplayer with 2 people including me, why is that, we both press r and it doesnt do anything


A very cool crossover game. Good job dev. A solid effort. 


holy shit this is so well done, the multiplayer works really good too!

I also love the 3D models, they are so well done!


Ok, TBH I was expecting this to suk, but it is equally scary and funny. love this game


Kinda sus ngl...


Had fun playing this cool crossover, however a bit disappointed the multiplayer was not working. Will be very interested if you get that working again!


Really scary and it's amazing how SUS is the slendergus! Solid 8/10


ong sus

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Great game, I got scared when I saw the sussy slendergus.

Fun to play with friends 8.5/10

slenderman and among us? boy this game sure will give some early 2020 vibes!

great game 8/10, can't wait for more maps

I thought we were being chased by the impostor but I was the sus one all along

is this scary?

yep it is

why this game is sooo good?


Hello i made video for everyone to enjoy i hope you like it.

He came back

all these years

Alright, you got me. I jumped SO hard going around corners just to hear "AMOGUS". It was an amazing game, the ONLY thing I could recommend is for a scare when you die. That's all I have really. Amazing game, would play again! :D

This is such a goofy concept and really well executed! I’ll be adding this to my list of little games with Multiplayer and here’s my LP! I BEAT NORMAL!!!

slender man and among us that’s something you don’t see everyday I had to make a video on this it’s pretty neat keep up the good work i hope you enjoy the video!

It's very difficult for me to be afraid, but this game made me feel

Good Game Well played

how do you play muleplayer its not working

*sigh* forgive me god

That was Cool. 4/5

Cute and scary game

I legitimately got jumpscared by amogus, that's what i get for underestimating a meme character. Jokes aside, I really like this. I'm gonna try my best to beat it in other difficulties sooner or later, but for now I played your game in this video :3


my dog died

sorry :(

why would u say that on the comment section of an amongus game

spoopy gam

I am shaking and crying. This game was so scary. I think I shit myself multiple times.

The horror was horror, the characters were characters. Truly one of the games.

Just released my video on this game! I can't believe I'm saying this for what feels like an ultimate meme game, but its genuinely fun and scary! There's fun mechanics and a bunch of content I didn't even get to in the video.




we all need slendergus 2

dude, this is the scariest game Ive ever played. I have NIGHTMARES where I hear his quiet whispers of "amogus" when he draws near. I have never been the same since I played this game

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among us and susu mogus, nothing more but in special and not important, babagus, pd: god game bro(sorry for my bbbbbabbbbabad ingles) ñ

I liked this game that was a little bit creepy but hard (little bit creepy i mean when you hear AMOGUS "very loud" right behind you)
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