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Cute and scary game

I legitimately got jumpscared by amogus, that's what i get for underestimating a meme character. Jokes aside, I really like this. I'm gonna try my best to beat it in other difficulties sooner or later, but for now I played your game in this video :3

my dog died

sorry :(

spoopy gam

I am shaking and crying. This game was so scary. I think I shit myself multiple times.

The horror was horror, the characters were characters. Truly one of the games.

Just released my video on this game! I can't believe I'm saying this for what feels like an ultimate meme game, but its genuinely fun and scary! There's fun mechanics and a bunch of content I didn't even get to in the video.




we all need slendergus 2

dude, this is the scariest game Ive ever played. I have NIGHTMARES where I hear his quiet whispers of "amogus" when he draws near. I have never been the same since I played this game

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among us and susu mogus, nothing more but in special and not important, babagus, pd: god game bro(sorry for my bbbbbabbbbabad ingles) ñ

I liked this game that was a little bit creepy but hard (little bit creepy i mean when you hear AMOGUS "very loud" right behind you)

AMOGUS :D ඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞඞ



It's such a good game. I just have an issue/bug, that after a time I can't close doors, can't find papers, and the impostor can't kill me, or get out the vent, hide in the vent. I love this game but this is such an embarrassing bug

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i loved the game... AMONGUS

banger fucking game.

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To my fellow crewmates,

we, the chonky trio, rejected the sussy baka. This picture poses as a proof for our victory. 

(we don't now why our third crewmate didn't appear on the ending screen)

You're welcome. (✿◡‿◡)

I am a huge fan of Among Us. So running through Skeld and exploring the 3D map felt pretty satisfying to me. At least until that "ugly" violin sound started...


I'm in this screenshot and I like it!


I would have been there too :(


This is a peak horror game, even if we spotted some bugs with the boys like the pages appeared once at a time even if we were in beginner mode.

But these tiny defects didn't affected our immersion ! The game is more than just a pale replica of Slenderman, adding its own map and characters that are all unique (you can change your color and your nickname)

Whatever, download this game. It's a must play !

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kinda sussy  

im giving away 5 dollar Fortntie gift cards AND YES IM GIVING IT AWAY

he always says AMOGUS and AMOGUS if you take too many notes he says among us!!! among us!!!

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hi,papi. You're sooooo right.




pretty sus ngl


I finally finished the game, it was a bit tough but I got through it.

This game has a specific charm and I love it.


This game is utterly awful. I can't sleep at night because the sound of him saying "among us" haunts me. My paranoid schizophrenic has been better lately until I played this game. I see him in my room and I can't stop crying, he's in my closet, the corner, and under my bed. I can't stand this I CAN"T STAND SLENDERGUS> GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

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would do the same


This game is awesome for what it is and is super fun with friends. I played it with my friend Josh and we had an amazing time!

This game is awesome and quite fun. Nothing wrong with it. It's just a fun horror game to play :)


My guy made a masterpiece




what requisits

it wont let me start the game when all players are ready. it was just me and a freind and it said all players were ready but would not start

you have to wait i think

oh ok

really bonker game ngl me and my friends played it it was amazin


Will there be more maps ? Only skeld map is pretty boring ngl :/

No, but there will be a sequel to the game

le jeu est génial !


Normal Mode walkthrough, the other modes doesn't work


Big scary. Did cry ngl.
Definetly appreciate the atmosphere and new look at an already classic game.

The gameplay just became so blurry. I can't read anything. Can someone please help me fix this?

is this have all players


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